Tuesday, October 15, 2019

How to Interact with Customers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

How to Interact with Customers - Essay Example In this particular case, it has to be highlighted that the issues faced by the consumers on the purchase of the products of the company’s sales’ department needed solutions. This makes the customers and consumers of the products call up to the customer service department. It is to be highlighted and mentioned that when the customers opt to call up the customer service executives of the company, they are in drastic and urgent need of help and support. The process of customer care executives asking them about their sales transaction details are bound to heighten the frustration level of the consumers and customers since it adds up to the delay in getting the desired solution. It also needs to be taken into consideration that in some cases, it might so happen that the customers may not have the sales transaction details at their immediate disposal. This might result in the process of being avoided or getting delayed in terms of getting a recommendable solution to their pro blem. In order to tackle this issue, the company can focus on implementing technology-based upgrades in its customer services. To start in the most traditional way, it can be said that the company goes for an upgrade of their entire customer support software. The new software should be having a feature which will allow the customer service representative to simply type the consumer name and id and thereby pull up the relevant details associated with their individual transaction. However, in the scenario, the company wants to quicken the process of tackling the issue, the company can focus on analyzing the customer queries that are commonly asked by the consumers and customers. It has to be said that the company will need to utilize the tactic of ‘listen and engage’. In order to start with the process of listening to the consumers and customer needs, the company needs to analyze the most frequently asked queries of the consumers. Once, the common queries are being identi fied, the company can focus on the process of designing a special section on the website with the label of frequently asked questions or (FAQs). The company can also opt for designing a user community-based page, which can be integrated with the company’s website. While talking about positioning the page, it has to be mentioned that the page should be placed in the portion of the website which will talk about the frequently asked questions. Also, the consumers who have purchased products from the company’s sales department has to be communicated about the existence of this page through email. This will help the consumers to deal with the product related issues, by asking fellow buyers and users of the same product. By having these particular features in the website, the company will be empowering the customers to troubleshoot their own set of product-related problems on the basis of self help. The self help feature will help in a great way to eradicate the need of call ing the customer service representative at all times. This is sure to provide a great amount of boost in regards to tackling of the issues related to the frustration level of the customers, since it will not be necessary from them to provide the details of their sales transactions at the first place.  

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